Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Timestock-Option-Multiplier

Webcashmotor's ToMulti for the creation of any personalized-money.

You have to be interested because from your free new generation Googledepending financial enabled e-mail,
you can create by 10€uros parcels 1 Owndated Webquantum each self-savings-action (selavi) Owned Timestock quantum .

Because the nature of the money-to-money link is a cashkeeping fusion to shift bank-money into personalized money or Personalized-Webliving-Savings, finantial waves to make webcashmatic added value.

Dont be disturbed with the heart of datevaluation technics. Economy 4G3W's knols will became soon terms like "kechup" for your new e-mail, your finantial-fast-food to perform your economic life.
Because each OW contains:

First Value + : your SELAVI it means the time of your personalized economic action (latter nobody may do better)
Second Value + : your 10€uros with shift button to reverse in bank-money ( you never now what happens in the future)
Thirth Values : free webpowered dynamics under free tagvaporating running control to perform better results.

Your 10€uros in cash saved phasis + your momentum in timestock + 1 your owndated property

Do you agree that for money link creation the better is to just resolve the Googledepending matter ?
Keep a moment for SELAVI, please, because "cest la vie".

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